1. It’s Still True; 2. It was the Word; 3. Lord I’m Thankful; 4. I Am Redeemed; 5. Glorious Freedom; 6. Since Jesus Passed By; 7. When the Master Walks By; 8. God’s Great; 9. Come and Get Me; 10. Living in the Palace; 11. That’s Him



1.Old Time Christian Way 2.I’ve Been Changed; 3. He Locked the Gates; 4. Nail it to the Cross; 5. I Owe Him Everything; 6.Amazing God ; 7. Love Lifted Me; 8. The Blood Remains; 9. God’s Word will Stand; 10. Faithful to the Cross; 11. What the Bible Says; 12. We Shall See Jesus



1.Be Not Afraid  2. Fear for Faith  3. God’s Gonna See you Through  4.He Could Have Passed By 5. All Things Well  6. However Hopeless, However Lost  7. I’ve Never Seen the Righteous Forsaken 8. I Trust the Cross  9. Product of Love  10. Still 11. Thankful So Thankful